New Metal Gear Solid hinted at Video Game Awards 10?

The first game to be announced at tonight’s Spike Video Game Awards was The Phantom Pain from a developer called Moby Dick Studio. Interestingly, the graphics shown in the trailer suggest it might be a first next gen game revealed – it would be logical since there isn’t much chance the game will be released next year if it was only just announced tonight, and as you may know, rumors say the next gen consoles should arrive somewhere around holiday season 2013 so The Phantom Pain may as well be a next gen game. More importantly though, it looks like it’s a new Metal Gear Solid game!

Instead of writing what was shown live at VGA’s, here’s the trailer itself.

What do you think? Did you notice the character’s silhouette, haircut, beard etc.? I’m going to call it right now – personally, I think the guy was Snake, and although the game might not be produced by Kojima Productions I can be you money it has something do to with the next installment of the Metal Gear series.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how you announce a new game and create a great amount of hype right at the beginning. The fans of Metal Gear series will surely pick out various details in the trailer (e.g. floating figure near the end that looks like Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid) or the fact that the CEO of the studio is called Joakim Mogren where ‘Joakim’ is an anagram of ‘Kojima’ and ‘Mogren’ has a hidden word ‘Ogre’ in it. Kojima’s Project Ogre then? Quite possibly.

Judging by the the above and the things from the trailer my guess is the character is Liquid Snake right after he lost his arm. Hence, it seems new Metal Gear is currently in development!

The Phantom Pain - Metal Gear Solid 5


Video Game Awards 10 Live Stream []

The Phantom Pain, aka Metal Gear Solid V, Announced []


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