Are Video Game Previews Losing Their Power?

“You’ve been had! You’ve been took! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok! This is what they do!”. This popular “Malcolm X” quote seems perfect to set the ground for my thoughts regarding the declining power of video game previews, especially in the context of the recent Aliens: Colonial Marines scandal. For those of you who are not familiar with the case – a month ago, Gearbox Software and SEGA have finally released their long anticipated game. A game that was anticipated both by many Alien fans as well as regular gamers, especially after having watched numerous previews, trailers, and played the demo version available prior to the game’s release. People have patiently waited for over six years to get their hands on the game and when it was finally released… boy, were they in for a shock.

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Playstation 4 announced at Sony’s 2013 PlayStation Meeting!

It finally happened folks! After all the waiting Sony has finally revealed the successor of PS3 – PlayStation 4 which is scheduled to come out holiday 2013! I’ve just finished watching Sony’s 2013 PlayStation Meeting live, here’s what has been confirmed so far:

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New Metal Gear Solid hinted at Video Game Awards 10?

Liquid Snake

The first game to be announced at tonight’s Spike Video Game Awards was The Phantom Pain from a developer called Moby Dick Studio. Interestingly, the graphics shown in the trailer suggest it might be a first next gen game revealed – it would be logical since there isn’t much chance the game will be released next year if it was only just announced tonight, and as you may know, rumors say the next gen consoles should arrive somewhere around holiday season 2013 so The Phantom Pain may as well be a next gen game. More importantly though, it looks like it’s a new Metal Gear Solid game!

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Why EVERYONE should play Telltale’s The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead sure is a popular TV series, but as some of you may know, it is based on a comic book by Robert Kirkman. Judging by its popularity, it was only a matter of time before a game studio got their hands on an appropriate license and created a video game, but I doubt any other studio could’ve done a better job than Telltale Games did with The Walking Dead episodic point-and-click adventure role-playing video game. A job so good that I could easily recommend the game to everyone, especially non-gamers looking for a great interactive experience.

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Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight brings promise of cool new games

They did it again! After the worldwide success of their record-breaking Kickstarter project and raising over $3.4 million from more than 87,000 backers to fund the Double Fine Adventure – a crowd-funded video game, Tim Schafer is at it again, this time by making the annual corporate event, Amnesia Fortnight, public.

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Does Dishonored REALLY deserve its current 90 metascore…?

I enjoyed playing Dishonored. To the extent where I’ve completed two different playthroughs and managed to gain all of the achievements. Maybe that’s the problem – maybe I’ve had too much time with the game to notice things… unfavorable things that perhaps other reviewers missed while pressured by tight deadlines. Things that made me question the overall metascore of the game.

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