Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight brings promise of cool new games

They did it again! After the worldwide success of their record-breaking Kickstarter project and raising over $3.4 million from more than 87,000 backers to fund the Double Fine Adventure – a crowd-funded video game, Tim Schafer is at it again, this time by making the annual corporate event, Amnesia Fortnight, public.

So what exactly is Amnesia Fortnight? It’s an event during which people are divided into groups, forget about whatever projects they were working on (hence the ‘Amnesia’ part), and attempt to come up with new game ideas during the course of two weeks and later present them to other employees, together with a small, playable prototype. This year, though, they made the whole thing public. First, Double Fine employees recorded short 30 second pitches of their game ideas, then they posted the videos on a website and allowed other people to vote for ideas they liked the most (as long as they have contributed at least $1 to the project). You can check out all 23 pitches below.

At this point, the stage one of Amnesia Fortnight is already finished with top five game ideas chosen. Every person who contributed at least $1 will receive the prototypes of these games as well as daily video updates and everyone who backed the project with at least $7.20 have already gained access to some of the prototypes created in the past.

It will be really interesting to see how Double Fine develops these games from initial ideas, through playable prototypes, to, who knows, perhaps fully functional games. After all, some of the games they have released in the past, such as e.g. Costume Quest, have been invented during past Amnesia Fortnights.

As a bonus, feel free to check out this insightful promo video for Amnesia Fortnight 2012.

P.S. Of course I contributed too, with a typical “shut up and take my money” attitude painted across my face. Yep, Tim Schafer sure knows how to sell Double Fine’s ideas.


Happy Action, Happy Developer: Tim Schafer on Reimagining Double Fine []

The Amnesia Fortnight (pay what you want and help charity) []


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